The Shire of Rivenwood Tower
Hosts Days of Divers Arts at:

St. Radegund’s Fair

On the 24th, 25th, and 26th days of the month of

August in the year, 2012

Come join us for an Arts and Science celebration!

Dear St. Radegund, the patron saint of women

with impossible husbands, is the benevolent

patroness of our fair!

Site Opens at 12:00pm on Friday, August 24 and closes Sunday at 2pm.

At the Jack McGowan Farm

Township Road 198

Mankato MN 56001

NOTE: Township road 198 is 20001 Hawkeye/Shamrock Lane, Rapidan MN

Please see shire website for map and complete directions

Site Fee is $10 and Camping Fee is $10

Make Checks payable to SCA-Shire of Rivenwood Tower.

Merchants welcome and Free.

No Pre-Reistration required.

Camping is basically primitive. There is access to water pumps and port-a- potties

You may dig fire pits on the site, but the sod must be replaced at the end of the event.

The site is child friendly with a large shaded play area. No swimming in the river. No

small pets: this area has a large number of birds of prey! Site is wet.

Site is handicap accessible. There are no showers on site.

Potluck Feast Saturday Night. We supply the main remove, you supply the sides.

Friday night: Bring your own pizza makings to bake in the wood fired oven

Her Royal Highness’ Prowess Tourney and

Princess Sleeve Tourney

Saturday, August 25th

Her Royal Highness also will host an

Arts and Sciences Display

Pyx in the Styx

Annual meeting of the Northshield Moneyers Guild

Open Oven

Try your favorite baked recipes in a brick, wood fired oven!

Herb Exchange

Bring starts from your period gardens and swap with others with the same passion!

We have many areas for classes: some are inside with lights and electricity. We have a

building for armoring and hot metal work. We have large outdoor areas suitable for

outdoor classes.

Many Divers Classes

Comprehensive class list to come...

To volunteer to teach or do an A&S demo please contact class coordinator.

Event Steward

Linda Prahl

Ld. Nell the Innocent

621 Main St North

Garden City MN 56034



Class Coordinator & Royalty Liaison

Baron Bartel Fitz Neel