Lupercalia is the premiere event of Rivenwood Tower and typically occurs mid February. We enjoy creating a fun atmosphere for people to show off their cool garb, enjoy unique fighting scenarios such as the infamous Bunny Buzkashi, and relish in the outstanding feast. We look forward to seeing the populace of this outstanding Kingdom at our event!

Lupercalia 2019:

-Date: February 24
-Event Webpage
-Check out the 2019 Facebook page!
-Event Steward: Master Bartel Fitzneel

St Radegund's Faire

St. Radegund's Faire is a summer Arts and Science event hosted by the Shire of Rivenwood Tower; Located roughly 20mins from Mankato Minnesota. We enjoy providing a variety of classes, unique armored combat scenarios, the opportunity to cook in a wood fired oven, and the company of exciting individuals. We hope to see you at this event!

St Radegund's Faire 2019

-Date: Aug 16-19
-Event Webpage
-Check out the 2018 Facebook page!
-Event Steward: THL Rycharde

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