Get in touch with us!

Any of the methods listed below are great ways to get in touch and learn more about who we are and what we do

Online Communication


Join our facebook group! This group is one of our official modes of communication. This page is populated by people in the Mankato area and friends of the group all over the region.

Rivenwood Tower
Public group · 123 members
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This page is held and managed by the Shire of Rivenwood Tower, a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and is considered the official p...

The Google Group

Join the google group! This email group is another official form of communication of the Shire of Rivenwood Tower. Also used by local members of the group, this is a more recent addition to our methods of communication and is seeing new growth.

Log into your google account to view it, or email the webminister to be added to the email list!

People to Talk To


Each of the following people will be able to answer questions and help point you in the right direction.

seneschal badge

Lord Emeryk
(Isaiah Bladzik)
Officer Email:
Phone: 507-525-0930 evenings and weekends

The seneschal functions as the groups president. This individual is a representative of the group and they oversee communication, meetings, and general function of the group. Information about the role of the seneschal can be found here

marshal badge

THL Faolan Mac Bran
(Justin Kent)
Officer Email:
Phone: 507-469-9969

The Marshal oversees and coordinates all marshal activities the group sponsors. From regularly scheduled fighter practices to marshal activites at events, this person coordinates interested members in participating in their given area. Information about the Marshal Arts in the context of SCA can be found here.

exchequer badge

Lord Rycharde
(Richard Tate)
Officer Email:
Phone: (507) 387-7313
2040 Cadbury Court
North Mankato, MN 56003

The Exchequer functions as the group's treasurer. This individual is responsible for overseeing the groups finances and material property. Often times, this person works closely with event exchequers or is the exchequer of an event. More information about the role of the Exchequer can be found here.

Web Minister
web minister badge

THL Thomas Of Rivenwood Tower
(Thomas Prahl)
Officer Email:

The webminister is responsible for overseeing the group's online presence. This officer maintains all of the group's websites, event websites, online communication mediums, and all of the group's official email aliases. This officer often works closely with event officers and officers at large to facilitate healthy modes of communication and to make sure that information about group activities are readily accesible. More information about the role of the webminister can be found here